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Electric motors for greenhouse

Agriculture Greenhouse Motor Gearboxes for Greenhouse Ventilation with mounted frequency controllers are maintenance-free, compact drive units for operating indirect ventilation systems in greenhouses. These motor gearboxes enable a system to be driven at both “low” (normal) and “high” speed. These speeds are defined using programmable parameter settings in the frequency controller. The motor gearboxes are supplied pre-programmed; all parameters of the frequency controller are preset to standard values. Using the optional manual console, these parameters can quickly and easily be adjusted to match operational needs.

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Motor Gearboxes for greenhouse

The HEPT Greenhouse parts motor gearboxes are maintenance-free, compact power units for driving ventilation, screening and lifting systems in greenhouses and livestock sheds. Motor gearboxes are supplied with fixing bolts and spring washers. Motors can be sprocket drive or equipped with winch or belt drum. Features a self-braking worm gear transmission with a patented integrated linear limit switch system with duty and safety switches having excellent switching precision.

“Worm Wheel Gearboxes W240/400/600 Worm wheel gearboxes are maintenance free, compact power units for driving ventilation, screen and flap ventilation systems in greenhouses and livestock sheds. The drive torque is up to 600Nm, suitable for intermittent operation and a duty cycle maximum 25 minutes.”

– Worm Wheel Gearboxes

“HEPT has rack drives available for 1″ or 1 1/4″ tubular drive shafts, straight or curved (inside or outside) racks, the rack drives feature hardened pinions (22mm and 30mm), with plastic guide rollers. The HEPT rack drives are low-maintenance drives that can be used to drive continuous vents in greenhouses and flap systems in livestock sheds and stores, etc..”

-Rack Drives for greenhouse

Featured Products

Slide Bearing Plates for greenhouse

Slide bearing plates with self-lubricating sintered bronze ring bearing for 1″ and 1 1/4″ tubular shaft are available in lengths varying from 92mm to 250mm.

Chain couplings for greenhouse

Zinc-plated chain coupling for connecting RW45 and RAL120/90/60 motor gearboxes or RH40 gearboxes to tubular shafts. The chain coupling is suitable for absorbing small centering and alignment errors. The chain coupling set consists of a 12-tooth 1⁄2″x5⁄16″ sprocket for the tubular shaft, a duplex chain and a master link. The tubular shaft sprocket must be fixed to the tubular shaft by welding. The RW45 and RAL120/90/60 motor gearboxes are fitted standard with 12-tooth 1⁄2″x5⁄16″ sprockets.

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