China Best Sales Factory Supply Customized Power Voltage CE/ISO Certified Good Quality Heavy Hammer/Push-Pull Exhaust Fan for Agriculture Green House or Poultry House CZPT with Free Design Custom

Solution Description

Manufacturing unit Source Customized Electrical power Voltage CE/ISO Qualified Excellent High quality Large Hammer/Push-pull Exhaust Fan for Agriculture Eco-friendly House or Poultry Property Cooling

Item Main Benefits:
★Low investment, minimal power usage.With the very same CZPT fee, the 1-time investment decision is about 1/6 of the air-conditioning, and the operating value is about 1/ten of the air-conditioning
★The CZPT impact is substantial, can decrease the temperature to about 28 degrees in line with the human body temperature.
★The air is clean and moist.Air cleanliness up to 99%
★High high quality and moderate price tag, specifically ideal for greenhouse.
★The cost is reasonable, can meet the demands of different consumers.


Specification OD
Rotate Speed
Input frequency
Wind quantity
JFD-600HE 600 1400 .37 20000 750*750*four hundred 27
JFD-750HE 750 735 .fifty five one.five 26000 900*900*four hundred 38
JFD-900HE 900 560 .55 one.five 28000 one thousand*a thousand*400 43
JFD-1000HE a thousand 560 .75 two 36000 1100*1100*four hundred 47
JFD-1100HE 1100 505 .75 2 40000 1220*1220*four hundred 53
JFD-1250HE 1250 420 1.1 2.9 43800 1380*1380*400 sixty eight
JFD-1400HE 1400 420 1.five 3.six 55000 1530*1530*four hundred 77

Primary Composition proven as underneath:

The item application:
For ventilation: it is mounted exterior of the window of the workshop. Normally, the reduced air outlet is picked to extract the odor gas.Standard chemical plant and other apps more.

Use with wet curtain: it can lessen the temperature of your workshop by 8-ten in summer, no issue how scorching your workshop is.C or so, and there is a specific humidity.

Scope of application of unfavorable force fan:
A. suited for large temperature or peculiar scent workshop, this kind of as warmth therapy plant, casting factory, plastic manufacturing unit, aluminum profile manufacturing unit, shoe factory, CZPT goods factory, electroplating factory, chemical manufacturing unit.
B. applicable to labor-intense enterprises: this kind of as garment factories, different assembly workshops and Net cafes.
C. Air flow and CZPT of greenhouse for Gardening and CZPT of CZPT breeding.
D. it is specifically ideal for places that need to have each CZPT and humidity.These kinds of as cotton spinning mill, wool spinning mill, hemp spinning mill, weaving mill, chemical fiber mill, warp knitting mill, textile mill, knitting mill, silk weaving mill, hosiery mill and so on.
E. applicable to warehousing and logistics
For exhaust admirer: at present, performance of the common exhaust enthusiast (typically recognized as yanggu supporter) is poor, a fan can serve few individuals, damaging stress enthusiast is different, whether putting it on the ground or hanging it in the air, installation of 4 enthusiasts in 1 basic one thousand m³ workshop can make wind blows totally stuffed the total place.
Detection: rigorous 6 good quality detection procedures: noise detection, vibration detection, rotation concentric performance detection, wind blade pace detection, air quantity detection and device performance detection.
Item substance: galvanized board/aluminized zinc board/stainless steel.

Photos of Greenhouse Exhaust Enthusiast


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China Best Sales Factory Supply Customized Power Voltage CE/ISO Certified Good Quality Heavy Hammer/Push-Pull Exhaust Fan for Agriculture Green House or Poultry House CZPT     with Free Design Custom