China best Sy265h China Hydraulic Crawler Excavator for Sale near me factory

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SY265H China Hydraulic Crawler Excavator for Sale

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This mini excavator has the rewards of adaptable and sensible, high configuration, high overall performance, low oil intake, beautiful physical appearance and vast software.Suited for vegetable greenhouses loose, landscaping of municipal departments, orchard nursery tree digging, concrete pavement damaged, sand and stone material mixing and small room development functions,lowering servicing and running costs, improving the diploma of mechanization.

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Mini excavator



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ZheJiang China


1 calendar year

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Provided online

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer


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Motor, Pump, Engine

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TT lender transfer, thirty% deposit+ 70% balance


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In 7 operating days right after acquiring payment

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China best Sy265h China Hydraulic Crawler Excavator for Sale     near me factory