China factory 1 Ton Small Hydraulic Crawler Excavator/Small Digger with Great quality

Solution Description

 1T Tiny hydraulic crawler excavator  

1. The BF-1T Small hydraulic crawler excavator has a gorgeous look, reduced fuel use, and a broad assortment of functions. It is suited for free land in vegetable greenhouses, landscaping in municipal departments, CZPT of trees in orchard nursery trees, crushing of concrete pavements, mixing of sand and stone resources, and development work in narrow areas. Use fast-alter joints, CZPT rotary drills, breakers, loading hoppers, and grippers to minimize maintenance and working charges, liberate labor, and improve the degree of mechanization.
two. It can be rotated 360°. The whole machine has a length of 2.8 meters, a width of 1.1m, and a height of 1.sixty six meters. It can be utilised for indoor design, orchard and other extremely modest area operations. With Changchai 192 diesel engine, air-cooled 12 horsepower, full power.

Major Parameter

Product BF-1T
Growth length 1480mm
Stick length 800mm
The highest excavation length 2925mm
The greatest depth 1600mm
The maximum excavation height 2685mm
Complete bodyweight 980kg
Strolling pace -4.5km/h
Bucket bucket width 320mm
Bucket potential .571m3
Proportions 2800*1100*1660mm


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China factory 1 Ton Little Hydraulic Crawler Excavator/Modest Digger     with Great high quality

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