China factory PVC Material Nft Hydroponic System PVC Hydroponic System Nft Channel with Best Sales

Product Description

a hundred*50mm Rectangular PVC NFT Channel Farming Vertical A NFT Hydroponic Expand System 


Item Description:

Maker NFT channel for hydroponics method are specially ideal for leafy veggies, different lettuce.

1.Effortless assembled , handy and time-preserving.

two.Save the land, no soil is needed for hydroponics

3.Fulfill many kind of growing media, including Expanded clay pellets, Perlite, and coconut coir.

4.All the increasing situations can be managed with hydroponics system

five.Secure and high productivity with NFT gully

six.Plants develop more healthy and easy to harvest

Company NFT channel for hydroponics method one hundred*50mm nft channel advantages: 

  • Depth is 55mm to enable roots to contact far more oxygen.
  • Conserve h2o and fertilizer eighty%.
  • H2o will movement in centre portion (30mm width) only, this will help save significantly water & fertilizer, even when the plant is little, it is not going to die cause lack of water. 
  • Bear 80kgs excess weight with no deformation.
  •  Anti-UV, environmentally helpful substance, large metal free of charge
  • Life time is much more than ten a long time
  • Appropriate for leaf vegetable, different types of lettuce
  • The channel cover is removable, you can very easily open up it and clean the channel.
  • Appropriate for all leafy vegetable hydroponic increasing such as lettuce ,kale ,basil ,tomato and so on.
  • The channel wall thickness- 2 mm.

Specification of Manufacturer NFT channel for hydroponics system

Item Name Hydroponic NFT Channel 
Dimensions a hundred*50mm
Content risk-free Virgin PVC
Thickness two.0mm / 1.8mm
Size two.9M 3.0M or 5.8M or Personalized
Application Agriculture Planting
Sample Accessible
Transport Way Convey ,by Sea ,By Air

Product Specifics with various nft channel system design and style:
Sort 1: Vertica “A” Variety Hydroponic Technique:
Well-liked design and style in NFT technique with simple set up.

1.Make better use of the place to boost produce of greens.

2. Layout the path of the metal rack in accordance to path and sunshine.
3. A type is suitable for small and medium measurement greenhouse.
four. Also ideal for indoor planting, only making use of LED grow gentle.

Type2:Horizontal Kind NFT Channel Technique
Most generally design and style in NFT method. 1.Ample daylight, far better air circulation.
2. No directional limitations for the metallic rack, straightforward installation.
3.Reduced labour value, easy to handle planting and selecting.
four. Particularly ideal for hydroponics planting in massive scale.

Type3: Indoor Farming Vertical NFT Channel Technique with LED grow light 

Kind 4: Intense removed nft channel system :

Much more NFT Channel Project Displays : 

NFT Channel Hydroponic Rewards of the Slop bottom layout with openable go over lid:

one. Increase the roots increasing environment.

2. Market the roots to increase rapidly.

3. Lessen the pump load.

four. help save drinking water and fertillizer 80%.

five. effortless to clear up.

Equipment with channel stop cap and channle joint :

Manufacturing facility display:


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China factory PVC Material Nft Hydroponic System PVC Hydroponic System Nft Channel     with Best Sales