China high quality 0.8 Ton Agricultural Hole CZPT Machine Small Excavator Household Groundnut Digger Machine near me manufacturer

Item Description

 The merchandise has gorgeous visual appeal, higher configuration, excellent overall performance, low fuel use and vast running range. It is suited for small area development operations these kinds of as loosening of land in vegetable greenhouses, landscaping of municipal departments, CZPT pits for planting trees in orchard nurseries, crushing of concrete pavement and mixing of sand and stone materials. Fast-adjust joints can be employed to minimize maintenance and operation expenses, liberate labor, enhance mechanization, minimal investment and large return.

Rated power Kw nine.2
Bucket capacity .571
Engine design Chang Chai192  
Doing work bodyweight Kg 638
Greatest CZPT drive Kn seven.5
Pump variety Solitary equipment pump  
Established operating stress Mpa 14
Swing speed Rpm twelve
Going for walks speed Km/h 2.two
Gradeability ° thirty
 Ground pressure Kpa 19


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China high quality 0.8 Ton Agricultural Gap CZPT Device Tiny Excavator House Groundnut Digger Equipment     close to me maker