China high quality Customize Machining Service for Gas, Oil, Petroleum Industry with Good quality

Product Description

  • Materials: SS316, spring metal, SS304
  • Generation craft: machining, milling, cold forging and more
  • Quantity: 2,500 sets/great deal
  • Supply lead time: 30 times
  • Use location: beach and swimming glass walls

one. take tiny amount, motley varieties
2. precision high quality require
three. quick & urgent shipping and delivery
4. made as drawings and particular requirements.
five. At least 1 specialist worker will adhere to your each purchase or sample creation


    Hengyu factory has 3 workrooms (machining, stamping, welding material areas) and often make elements as personalize types such as robotic areas, meals machinery elements, ATM parts, detector elements, juicer components and so forth.. (not machinery). I would connect factory`s equipment photograph and some merchandise pictures for your reference if you want.Any comments and inquiries for the business, remember to tell me kindly.thanks!
  In buy to reudce customer`s high quality chance and resources pressure, we could accep the payment way during potential enterprise (30% deposit, stability in 30days right after shipping day). it`s sufficient for consumer to get great deal and take a look at the quality.
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China high quality Customize Machining Service for Gas, Oil, Petroleum Industry     with Good quality