China high quality Hot Sell of Galvanized Steel CZPT near me supplier

Merchandise Description

Essential Requirements of items:
one) Title: scorching-dip galvanized steel pipe/ tube
2) Spherical Outside diameter: 21mm-325mm (DN15-DN300)
Square Outside diameter: ten*ten-five hundred*500mm
Rectangular Outside diameter: ten*twenty-five hundred*600mm
3) Wall thickness: .5-15mm
four) Length: usually 4m-12m, but can minimize into any size in accordance to client’s wants
five) Zinc coating: a hundred and twenty-210g/m²
6) Material: Q195, Q235, Q345
seven) Standard: ASTM A53, BS 1387-1985, DIN 2440-2441, EN 15719, JIS G3444, GB 3091-2001
8) Secondary processing: we have our own processing workshop, so we can do chopping, welding, stamping, threading, packing, painting, oiling and a lot more
9) Packaging: bulk/packaged in bundles by metal strips/ pack in bundles then in plastic wrap
ten) Encasement: usually we can put pipes into 20ft GP, 40ft GP or 40ft HQ by our own employees and equipment
eleven) Output: 2000 tons for every working day
twelve) Introduction: ZheJiang , CZPT Metal CZPT is specialized in producing numerous types of pipes, like very hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, pre-galvanized metal pipe, black carbon steel pipe such as round, square and rectangular, welcomes your checking out and inquiry

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China high quality Hot Sell of Galvanized Steel CZPT     near me supplier