China Hot selling Double Hung Sliding Metal / Single Hung Slide House Aluminum Sliding Window with Great quality

Product Description

Solution name Double Hung Sliding Metal / Single Hung Slide property Aluminum Sliding Window
  Aluminum alloy+glass
Open kind Casement
Dimension Can be personalized
Profile Profile: distinct series                                              
Shades: Silver, wooden,gold,black,white espresso,gray ,personalized
Glass selection A:Single glass: 5,6,8,ten, 12mm
B:Double glazing:5mm+6/9/12/14/15/18/27a+5mm
Glass can be created 5/6/8/ten/12mm
D:Tinted/replicate /tempered /insulating/frosted/minimal-e/radiation-shielding glass
D:Tinted/replicate /tempered /insulating/frosted/low-e/radiation-shielding glass
E:Inexperienced/Silver/Grey/ Tea/Miror/Blue/Gold Coating
Area Therapy Powder coated ,anodizing ,electrophoresis, Heat transfer for wooden grain,PVDF coating
Components HOPO,OEM,Chinese brand

one.How considerably cost for the home windows and doorways ? We have diverse components for the value. Rely on your measurements that will implies which top quality are ideal for you from our engineer staff,
two.How can get the specs information for the windows and doors?  Just ship the products title or pictures to us, our design and style group will send you the particulars of what you want right away.
3.How can you get the shipping price to your country? 1.Tell us what is your closing merchandise you want to acquire
2.Go away the consignee particulars to us
3.Confirm which working day you want to ship it
For these 3 concerns, our shipping and delivery staff will get the price to you in 1 working day.
4.How can you get the real initiatives case from us? Display what you creating web sites photograph or 3D layout picture.
We will ship our cases to you what we did before 
5.When can shipping and delivery?  The shipping time is 7-10days/ ten-15days/ 15-25days.
Rely on the quantity you get or how quick for your assignments want to fix up.
We will do the determination for you  in accordance your requests


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China Hot selling Double Hung Sliding Metal / Single Hung Slide House Aluminum Sliding Window     with Great quality