China manufacturer 12 Discs 7L/Hr Powerful Ultrasonic Humidifiers Mist Maker with high quality

Item Description

Mist maker uses Copper cover with Stainless steel. 
Reliable and durable
With special design, easy to replace the ceramic disc.

1.Stainless metal shell water-resistant and warmth radiation.
two.Improved Integrated Oscillation circuit with stable performance for protection of water shortage, over current, over temperature and interference.


Commodity name Mist Maker
Size  253x88xH27.5mm
Water level sensor switch H43mm
Ceramic disc 20mm dia., Nickel
Wire 1.5m
Working voltage DC 48V
Current four.5-4.8A
Power 400W
Mist Volume 7000 ml/h
Unit packing dimension 300x80x125mm/personal computer
Packing carton dimension 450x360x270mm/10pcs
N.W. one.9 KG/Pc
G.W. two.  KG/Computer

Warm suggestions:
a. Please use clean drinking water as an alternative of filthy h2o, and the h2o can not be really tough. Less calcium.
b. Draining the h2o in the tank if you do not use it for prolonged time.
c. Thoroughly clean the mist module typically with soft brush and clean water.
d. If the fog is reducing, we advise you replace the mist modules.

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China manufacturer 12 Discs 7L/Hr Powerful Ultrasonic Humidifiers Mist Maker     with high quality