China manufacturer Automatic Vent Opener of Greenhouse near me factory

Product Description

Computerized Vent Opener  for greenhouse
1)  Maximum load: 7 kg – most panes greenhouses do not exceed this weight
2) Adjustment of the temperature: from 15 to 25 ° C
3) Shipping Weight: 0.5 kg
Based on termotsilindr in which liquid greatly expands or shrinks depending on the temperature.
In the sun, the temperature increases in a hothouse, termotsilindr located there in is heated, the fluid pushes the piston and the piston, in turn, opens the window.
At sunset and a decrease in temperature in the greenhouse in termotsilindre fluid is compressed, and the ventilator closes under its own weight.
Thus pane rises to 45 centimeters.
This system enables automatic ventilation greenhouses begin airing a temperature of 16 °, and 25 °.
The maximum length of the stem rises at 30 ° C.  

   Window Opener Greenhouse  

                                Automated greenhouse window openers

1. Fully automatic greenhouse ventilation

two.Heat activated

three.Fully adjustable to open between -15-25 C

4.Suitable for windows up to 7kg( 15lbs  )

five.Easy fitting by clamps or screws provided

6.No batteries or electricity required   


Dependent on thermostat in which liquid tremendously expands or shrinks relying on the temperature.

In the sun, the temperature will increase in a hothouse, thermostat positioned there in is heated,

the fluid pushes the piston and the piston, in turn, opens the window.

At sunset and a reduce in temperature in the greenhouse in thermostat fluid is compressed,

and the ventilator closes below its personal excess weight.

Thus pane rises to 45 centimeters.

This technique enables computerized ventilation greenhouses begin airing a temperature of 16 °,and twenty five °.

The greatest length of the stem rises at 30C.



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China manufacturer Automatic Vent Opener of Greenhouse     near me factory