China manufacturer Hot Sale China Toros 4 Ton 4t Backhoe Mini Hydraulic Crawler Excavator/ Te40/CE ISO EPA/ Strong Power for Farm Garden Construction near me shop

Product Description

Very hot Sale China TOROS 4 Ton 4t Backhoe Mini Hydraulic Crawler Excavator/ TE40/CE ISO EPA/ Sturdy Energy for Farm Backyard garden Development

TE 40 Steady procedure Practical procedure The cab layout is secure and reliable 

TE40 crawler excavator is a selection of lovely design and style, large configuration, great efficiency, low gas consumption with vast working ranges. It is suitable for loosing soil of vegetable greenhouse, municipal departments’ landscape engineering, CZPT holes for tree planting in orchard, crushing concrete area and sand-gravel mixing content, little room working websites and so on. Adopting rapid hitch that make you modify operating attachment easy and quickly, and also can reduce servicing and running value.

TE40 Mini Crawler excavator 
Bucket Capacity .03m³ Bucket Capacity one.06ft³
Excavator Width 1600mm Excavator Width 62.99in
Monitor Size 2200mm Observe Size 86.61in
Chassis Floor Clearance 550mm Chassis Floor Clearance 21.65in
Track Width 300mm Track Width 11.81in
Transportation Size 4400mm Transportation Duration 173.23in
MAX.Digging Force 35kN MAX.Digging Drive 35kN
Gradeability 35° Gradeability 95ºF
Excavator Top 2200mm Excavator Height 86.61in
Overall Dimension( LxWxH) 4400*1600*2200mm General Dimension( LxWxH) 173.23*62.ninety nine*86.61in
Multi-way Valve NACHI Traveling Motor Multi-way Valve NACHI Traveling Motor
Engine Electrical power 36.8kw/2400rpm    19.6kw/2200rpm Engine Energy forty nine.34hp/2400rpm  26.28hp/2200rpm
Turning Radius 2400mm Turning Radius ninety four.49in
Max.Digging Height 4450mm Max.Digging Peak 175.20in
Max.Dumping Height 3050mm Max.Dumping Height a hundred and twenty.08in
Max.Digging Depth 2550mm Max.Digging Depth a hundred.39in
Max.Digging Radius 4730mm Max.Digging Radius 186.22in
Max.Vertical Digging Depth 2400mm Max.Vertical Digging Depth ninety four.49in
Fuel Tank Ability 45L Gasoline Tank Ability 9.9UK gal
Bodyweight 4000kg Weight 8818lb 7.86oz
Swing Motor Taifeng Plunger Hydraulic Pump Swing Motor Taifeng Plunger Hydraulic Pump

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China manufacturer Hot Sale China Toros 4 Ton 4t Backhoe Mini Hydraulic Crawler Excavator/ Te40/CE ISO EPA/ Sturdy Electrical power for Farm Backyard garden Building     near me shop