China Professional Construction Use 0.8ton/1ton Mini Crawler Digger Small Tracked Digger with Rubber Track near me factory

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.8ton/1ton mini Crawler digger Tiny tracked Digger with Rubber Observe

Our MT-08 modest CZPT machine has a gorgeous appearance, minimal gas use, and a vast range of functions. It is suitable for free land in vegetable greenhouses, landscaping in municipal departments, CZPT of trees in orchard nursery trees, crushing of concrete pavements, mixing of sand and stone supplies, and building function in slender spaces. Use quick-modify joints, CZPT rotary drills, breakers, loading hoppers, and grippers to decrease upkeep and working expenses, liberate labor, and enhance the degree of mechanization.
The excavators can be rotated 360°. The entire device has a length of 2.8 meters, a width of 1.1m, and a peak of 1.66 meters. It can be utilized for indoor development, orchard and other really small space operations. air-cooled twelve horsepower, complete electrical power.

Growth length 1480mm
Adhere duration 800mm
The greatest excavation distance 2925mm
The greatest depth 1600mm
The maximum excavation height 2685mm
Overall weight 980kg
Walking speed -4.5km/h
Bucket bucket width 320mm
Bucket capability .571m3
Dimensions 2800mm*1100mm*1660mm

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China Professional Construction Use 0.8ton/1ton Mini Crawler Digger Small Tracked Digger with Rubber Track     near me factory