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Factory provide ideal price excavator device CZPT mini excavator 1.6 ton excavator





Quick introduction of mini excavator:
As a newly developed modest excavator for Multi-operating problems, Ct16-9B intergrates strength
 conservation, dependability and comfort, which has flexible procedure and low noise, and is commonly employed in narrow  room these kinds of as building internet sites, gardens, municipal and city design.

Thanks to the rising labor price, the application of little CZPT and CZPT CZPT in farms, orchards, greenhouses is maintain increasing. 

In accordance to market feedback, the main application for CZPT mini excavator is as pursuing:
1. Garden
2. Farm
three. Ochard
four. Greenhouses
5. Internal facet properties
5. Agricultural equipment
seven. Amusement


Machine parameters:

Title Mini excavator CT16
Bucket capability .04m3
Rated power ten/2200/r/min
Hydraulic pump product NACHI
Swing motor design EATON
Travel motor model EATON
Journey speed two.1/4.2
Max. climbing degree 58%
Bucket CZPT force thirteen.5KN


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We have a variety of versions and sizes of excavators for you to select

Device information:



Optional: Machine accessories:


Device positive aspects:


 Efficient Dependable:
 Equiped  CZPT engine, in line with the country’s III emission specifications, to make sure the trustworthiness of the machine under poor functioning conditions
High-precision air CZPT and two-phase diesel CZPT are standard to make sure reliable engine operation.
Sensitive Secure:
Equiped with hydraulic elements of entire world CZPT manufacturer, CT16 adopts imported hydraulic pumps, hydro manage principal valve, management deal with, CZPT journey motor and swing motor from United states, which has much more sensitive operation and management, a lot more secure technique efficiency and greater trustworthiness.



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one. When will ship my order?

A: As soon as we get affirmation pf p[ayment, we will consider the very best to ship buy within 24 hrs

two. What variety of payment terms can be acknowledged?

A: Normaly we can labored on T/T

three. What about the warranty time?

A: 1.CT08, a thousand working hrs or 6 months, whichever will come 1st
     2.CT16/CT18, 2000 operating several hours or 12 months, whichever comes first

     3. Previously mentioned CT45, 3000 operating several hours or eighteen months, whichever arrives initial

four. Which incoterms 2571 conditions can we operate?

A: Generally we can labored on FOB(HangZhou). CFR CIF


five. What about the least purchase amount?

A: The MOQ is 1 set






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