China Standard Plastic Injection Mold for Plant Nursery Pots Net Cup wholesaler

Product Description

Plastic injection mold for plant nursery pots net cup 

Mould Description  
Mold Normal DME or HASCO
Cavity /Main steel H13,S-7,S136,SS420,NAK80,P20 and other material as prerequisite
Hot Runner Yudo
Cavity Multi or single cavity
Gate kind Facet gate,Sub gate,Pin level gate,Edge gate etc
Hydraulic cylinder PARKER, TAIYO, STAUBU, JUFAN
Mould elements DME, Progressive, PCS, Punch, Royal, and so on
Steel Treatment method Warmth Treatment method, Nitriding, Chrome Plating
Area complete SPI regular, VDI EDM, Texture, and so forth
Texture Mildew-tech, Yick Sang, Ni Hong ,Tanazawa and so forth
Plastic Content PP, Personal computer, Ab muscles, PE, HDPE, PET, POM, PMMA, PA(GF), PBT(GF), PVC, PPS,and many others
Solution fat five.0g~15kgs
Mould Daily life .3 Million Pictures- 1Million shots
Shipping Time 4Weeks T1 samples , exact time depends on CZPT Complexity
Packaging  Totally free-Fumigation 3-Plywood circumstance for moulds, cartons for areas
Design software program CAD,UG, Professional E, Solidworks
Benefit-added support Dust-totally free Spraying, Silk-display Printing, Ultrasonic Welding, Thermal Bonding, Assembling, Prototype
Service region Clear,  Over mold,  double colour,  air assistant forming,  deep barrel,  Design R&D,  Assembly
Our Capacity Automobile, Aerospace, Household, Electrical, Industrial, Medial, Toys, Workplace, Beauty, Outdoor, OA Gear etc


What’s we can make for you?

GV-Mould is a long-standing CZPT maker with ISO9001 Certificated & over 25 several years export molds expertise. We can customize injection moulds incorporate car components, electronic add-ons, property appliances, daily requirements, health care ingredient portion and children toys and  other customize plastic goods.

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By means of streamlining the generation of molds, we can support you lower cost up to fifty%!

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China Standard Plastic Injection Mold for Plant Nursery Pots Net Cup     wholesaler