China Standard Zl16 1.6ton Chinese Small Compact Garden Farm Tractor Front End Mini Wheel Loader with Ce near me supplier

Merchandise Description

ZL16F high quality wheel loader sizzling sale all over the entire world.


  1. one)4ton operating fat,weighty obligation!
    2) Highest velocity 36km/h,rapidly!fast!quickly!
    3) Dumping peak:3000mm!
    4) Luxury physical appearance
    5) With numerous attachments,all configuratin consumer can decide on.
    6)With popular Xinchai A498BT1 ENGINE

    –Xinchai 498 Euro III Engine. 
    –4 Cylinder enngine.
    –Automatic with Torque Converter.
    –4 wheel generate.
    –Regular Bucket.
    –Wheel reduction axle. 
    –220V Motor Pre-heater.
    –Cabin Heater. 
    –Electric  Pre-heater.
    –Luxury Cabin.
    –Adjustable Steering Wheel.
    –Lock For Lifting And Steering Cylinder.
    –Swift Hitch.
    –Mechanical joystick OR hydraulic joystick
    –23.5/70-sixteen Tire.
    –Effortless-destroyed Spare Areas. 

    Optional Equipments:
    LED Lights. Online video For Backward. E-mark Seat. Varta Anti-free Battery. Hydraulic Joystick. Electric Joystick. Tipping Cabin. Floating Operate. E4 Lamp. Rear Hydraulic Method. 14- seventeen.5 Tire. 12.00-16 


Rops approved:the cabin space is thirty% greater than standard.

2.xinchai motor :potent ,minimal emission ,lower gas use,low noise ,moneysaving.
3.Eougem wheel reductor,Oscillating rear alxe for very best steadiness.
four.Very strong articulation joint
five.really powerful carriage rapidly and secure hydraulic CZPT of instruments .
six.functional thanks to large range of instruments and CZPT products.
seven.cabin can roll, so it is convenient to restore.

Wheel loader ZL16F

Total Proportions

Overall Length 5750mm
Total Width 1780mm
Overall Peak 2620mm
Max.Discharge Peak 3000mm
Dump length 870mm
Wheel Base 1320mm
Tread(Alex-foundation) 2050mm
Mini Distance to the floor 260mm
Time of lifting <=5.0s

Engine Specifics

Product  YUNNEI or Xinchai A498(III)
Engine Sort In-line arrangement,Water cooled
  four cylinders diesel motor
Rated Electricity 42KW
Rated Velocity 2400rpm

Transmission Method

Torque converter Design YJ240
Equipment box two ahead+2 backward
Alex 50 Generate Axle
Hydraulic method Functioning Pump CBGJ1045
  Hydraulic operating strain 16MPA

Steering Method

Kind Articulated hydraulic steering
Turning angle 30°+/- 1°
Turning Radius(mm) 3000mm
Brake system Brake Sort Oil break (Vacuum booster)
Tyres Regular tyre twenty.5/16
Selection broader tyre twelve-16.five
Bucket Bucket Ability .60m ³
  Bucket Variety Large-obligation bolt on teeth
  Rated Load 1200kg
  Whole Fat 3200kg
Generate Push sort 4×4 wheel drive

one 20 inch container can load 1 device loader,1 forty inch container can load 3 units loader


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China Standard Zl16 1.6ton Chinese Tiny Compact Backyard Farm Tractor Front Finish Mini Wheel Loader with Ce     in close proximity to me provider