China supplier Green House Aluminium Extrusion Industrial China Aluminium Profile with Good quality

Solution Description

Green property aluminium extrusion industrial China aluminium profile 




Industrial aluminium profile


6000series aluminium alloy



Floor treatment

Mill end,powder coating, anodizing, wooden CZPT coating,sharpening,eletrophoresis,PVDF, sanding blasting, and many others.



Slot width




Unit bodyweight


Physical appearance

Generally square,spherical and T-formed,or personalized


Silver,black,blue,wood color,in accordance to clients’ requirements.


Industrial aluminium profile is use to body combination framework,there is a round to transition on the corner,with anodic oxidation surface area treatment,stylish,lovely and resistant to corrosion,it typically linked from inside with specialised bolt and spring fastener.



  Identify:Environmentally friendly residence aluminium extrusion industrial China aluminium profile 
  Material:Aluminium alloy 6063
  Device bodyweight:.53kg/m

one.Industrial aluminium class: Body development, Loading platform, shut development, generation line, Civil aluminum body.
two.Aluminium items: PA molding ending, surface area preparation, aluminium part using for car, motor, elevators, air cylinder and so on. Aluminium merchandise and aluminium profiles employing for decorating, advertisement, exhibiting, lamp house.
3.Stage film and television modeling: Primary aluminium body modeling, display, predant lamp, audio supportframe,air box and unique function desk.




one.The uncooked content is aluminium ingot
two.Melting:Aluminium ingot melting through a large temperature,and then casting into aluminium bar.
three.Extruding:Open a CZPT according to the area layout,and then push the heated
aluminium bar intoaluminium profiles
4.Anodizing:Under the corresponding electrolyte and certain process conditions, aluminum and its alloys sort a layer of oxide movie on aluminum goods (anode) beneath the motion of utilized present. The oxide film has protecting, ornamental and some other purposeful homes.We can also do several varieties of other area treatment method.
5.High quality manage:Rigid specifications on quality control to insure your benifits.

1.Machine frames, shelf, door, industrial automation gear, table for manufacturing unit and office, storage racks, storage containers, ladders.
2.Practical building: Owned modularity, multifunction, You can swiftly build an best gear for garment and no need sophisticated style and processing.
3.Lovely and useful model: Gentle and large stiffness, Basic and beautiful visual appeal CZPT portray.
4.Large scalability: Distinctive design and style for T kind and fillister. There is no require to get rid of aluminium profiles when installing factors but nut and screw can be set up in any position. Refitting tools is basic and swift.







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China supplier Green House Aluminium Extrusion Industrial China Aluminium Profile     with Good quality