China wholesaler CE Approved China Mr30 2.6ton Mini Excavator with Best Sales

Product Description

CE Accepted China MR30 2.6Ton Mini Excavator 

CE Authorized China MR30 2.6Ton Mini Excavator 
one) Basic framework and compact design ,simple in set up and maintation. 
two) Sophisticated world CZPT manufacturer factors .
three) Minimal oil intake, to acquire greatest efficiency .
4) Wide selection use: Auger, grab, hydraulic hammer, slim bucket, and so forth.

CE Accredited China MR30 2.6Ton Mini Excavator 
it is suitable to be employed for tiny performs, little tasks, in garden, farmland, municipal works,vegetable greenhouse, CZPT trench .

Functioning Bodyweight 2600kg Total dimension( LxWxH) 4200x1350x2450mm
Digging bucket potential .1cbm/200kg Wheelbase 950mm
Engine Changchai Total size of monitor 1800mm
Rated power 20kw Platform ground clearance 500mm
Principal pump China Chassis width 1350mm
Displacement 60L/M Max. CZPT depth 2800mm
Swing motor China Max. Vertical CZPT depth 2350mm
Traveling motor China Max. CZPT height 3905mm
Vacation pace 5km/h Max. Dumping height 2855mm

Mountain CZPT Mini Excavator, can with much more than 40 kinds of distinct attachments for different operate , 
We also can custom made manufacture suitable attachments for your certain work requirements.

+In accordance to the demands of various buyers, diverse areas and various quantities,
   we will formulate the best transportation plan to help  customers save transportation charges.
+We also give door-to-door services to assist clients complete customs clearance and transportation.

Choose MOUNTAIN CZPT Machinery,
we will give you with the most expert solutions, the most total answers and the very best machines!

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China wholesaler CE Approved China Mr30 2.6ton Mini Excavator     with Greatest Income