China wholesaler CZ-70 12V 70L ATV Electric Sprayer (CZ-70) with Good quality

Product Description


  • Sprayers are CE acceptance for good quality assure
  • Unique Body poly tank is anti-UV and anti-corrosive style
  • Large strain pump works easily and quietly
  • Straightforward tractor mounted straps
  • Boom for even squirt
  • 3m extended wireharness with battery clips
  • Effortless operation adjustable lance
  • PVC electrical power sprayer hose
  • Reward nozzle program consists of a number of nozzles for option
  • Massive control valve is cotrolled ergonomically by thumb
  • Prolonged cable is presented for handy charge
  • Sprayers are packed by seaworthy carton
  • Model is OEM authorized
  • A lot of spare parts, such as spray gun, lance, are effortless operaton


  • Spray turf, gardens, lawns, area and trees
  • Spray nurseries and greenhouses
  • Spray cleaners, sealers, mildew removers, and so forth.
  • Clean cars, roof and floor, and many others.
  • Any other spraying system.

12V DC Backyard garden Sprayer Tank
Smooth and successful procedure
Simple connecting method
Quality DC Pump
Minimal energy usage
Minimal tank profile for higher security
UV resistant polyethylene Shell
Hose Duration: 10m
Hose Diameter: 6mm
Electrical Cable Duration: 3m
CE approved

  Design   CZ-70
  Capacity 70L
  Hose   10M
  Energy Source   3M wire harness with battery clips
  Pump   DP-120(120PSI)
  Max Circulation   5.5L
  Dimension   87*40*42cm
  N. W. /KGS   8.8kgs
  G. W. /KGS   twelve.95kgs


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China wholesaler CZ-70 12V 70L ATV Electric Sprayer (CZ-70)     with Good quality