China wholesaler Gas Spring Extended Length 21′′ with Great quality

Merchandise Description

                            Gas spring prolonged size 21” 

 Connector  ball connector/steel eye/clevis and so on
 Advantage  1.move 180,000 occasions tiredness moments
 2.we can source samples for totally free
 3.Competivite price 
 4.Quickly shipping time:a thousand pcs 3 days 
The dimensions can be made in accordance the customer requirment.                                              


                          For you refer how to select realistic diameter as force

Solution No. Prolonged length Stroke DIA Force
YQL a hundred-300 30-one hundred twelve*four 5-100N
YQL three hundred-600 100-200 15*six ten-300N
YQL 600-900 two hundred-three hundred 18*eight fifty-600N
YQL 900-1200 three hundred-400 22*ten a hundred-1200N
YQL 1200-1600 400-five hundred twenty five*12 a hundred-1800N
YQL 1600-2000 500-600 28*fourteen one hundred-3000N
YQL 2000-2500 600-700 28*sixteen 100-3000N
YQL 2500-3000 seven hundred-900 forty*twenty three hundred-4000N
  The dimension can be manufactured according the customer requirment.


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China wholesaler Gas Spring Extended Length 21′′     with Great quality