China wholesaler Sun Room Aluminium Profiel for Construction near me factory

Product Description

Rapid Particulars

Guarantee:Far more than ten many years

Following-sale Service:On-line technical assist, Free spare areas, Return and Substitute


Design and style Fashion:Modern day

Location of Origin:ZheJiang , China

Manufacturer Title:HUALV

Body Materials:Aluminum alloy


Sealing System:Large Top quality EPDM or Silicone Sealant

Portray:International Normal Powder Coating

Components:German Origin Manufactured Brand ROTO/SIEGENIA Components&Add-ons,HOPPE

Profile:Best Top quality Thermal Split Aluminum with Technoform Insulating Strips

Accent:Insect Display Optional

Packaging & Supply

Packaging Information:Protecting movie or paper to shield goods from scratches
Protective films to hold goods away from water
Port:HangZhou/ZheJiang /ZheJiang PORT and so on

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China wholesaler Sun Room Aluminium Profiel for Construction     near me factory