China wholesaler Vegetable Greenhouse Used Small Hydraulic Excavator for CZPT Trench with Hot selling

Product Description

                 Vegetable greenhouse utilized small hydraulic excavator for CZPT trench

HW-20W Crawler Excavator
HW mini excavator is made for modest works, small tasks, in garden, farmland, municipal works, vegetable greenhouse, CZPT trench. It is with small motor, straightforward layout, easy to keep.

Principal Features:

  • 1. with excellent work efficiency and exceptional expense-powerful
  • two. the standard configuration bulldozer can be flat web site, earth backfill, boost device stability
  • 3. easy, tiny and adaptable, simple to transport, can function in little venues, specially for orchards this sort of as kiwifruit, vineyards, oranges, navel orange value, trenching, fertilization, weeding
  • four. with mining, damaged, very clear hooks, drilling, earth multi-purpose, can quickly exchange the equipment, machine utilization drastically improved




Device weight



Working system mode



Bucket potential


Motor product


Yanmar 3TNV88/3 cylinder

Rated electrical power






Max CZPT radius



Max.digging depth



Max.digging height



Max.dumping height



Company Profile

HangZhou CZPT Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is found in HangZhou Town, ZheJiang Province. We are specialised in producing highway roller and excavator. With an seasoned and professional group, we have exported our items to many nations around the world and locations all more than the world, specially in the Middle East, Africa and South The united states. Our products get pleasure from a good reputation among our consumers. We welcome consumers, business associations and close friends from all parts of the entire world to get in touch with us and look for cooperation for mutual rewards.

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China wholesaler Vegetable Greenhouse Used Small Hydraulic Excavator for CZPT Trench     with Hot selling