ERB-Eplus Tube motors for greenhouse



HEPT tube motors (RB)

The tube motor has been the standard drive unit for glasshouse roller screens for many years now. Our maintenance-free tube motors can be used in roof, wall and twin-roll screen systems. Our motors’ compact size make them ideal for integration into the winding tube, minimizing the installation space needed. The type of tube motor required depends on the screen’s length and roll-up height, as well as the screen material used.

Main benefits

  • Space-saving design for minimal loss of light
  • Suitable for installation in humid spaces
  • Ideal for tightly-stretched wall screens
  • High protection rating of IP55
  • Suitable for 50 and 63 mm roller tubes
  • Built-in limit switch system
  • Near-silent operation and maintenance-free
  • Overload protection and overheating protectio
  • Seamless connection with guiding system
  • Easy to install

ERB50Eplus Tube motor for greenhouse

 ERB50Eplus Tube motor for greenhouse

The HEPT Greenhouse RB50Eplus tubular motor is a maintenance-free drive unit for driving roll-up screen systems in greenhouses and livestock houses. The tube motor is integrated as standard into a 50 mm aluminium tube (wall thickness 1.5 mm) and can be used with 50 mm roll tubes. Because it is integrated, the tube motor can be wound up completely. The almost-silent RB50Eplus tube motor is fitted with a 1-phase 2-core asynchronous electric motor, an integrated brake and permanently lubricated planetary gear unit. The tube motor has a self-repairing thermal protection system, which prevents the burn-out of the drive if the electric motor should overheat. The ERB50Eplus tube motor is almost entirely water resistant. The high protection class, IP55, means that the function of the tube motor will not be affected by a damp atmosphere. The ERB50Eplus tube motor has as standard an intelligent and precision pulse-counting electronic limit switch system with a range of 38 revolutions. This pulse-counter switches off the tube motor when it reaches its end position and also switches it off for safety reasons in the case of an overload. The switch components in the new electronic limit switch system allow several tube motors to be connected in parallel without using an isolating relay. Installing the RB50Eplus tube motor is quite simple. In combination with the HEPT guiding unit and guide rail, the tube motor can be fitted in a roller screen system, both right and left. In order to be able to replace the predecessor of the RB50Eplus tube motor (ERB50, mechanical end switches, article numbers 550024 and 550162) in a simple way, since November 2016 the RB50EPlus tube motor is foreseen with the square VK10 adapter. For replacement of a RB50Eplus tube motor from before November 2016 (electronic end switching, article number 550031), ADAPTER SET 550411 is available. ERB50Eplus Tube motor: Drive torque of 50 Nm at 50 Hz; Revolutions of 3.5 rpm at 50 Hz; Suitable for intermittent use, operating class s3-6%, duty cycle (kb) 10 minutes; Supplied in accordance with protection class IP55; Reliable motor brake behaviour, also when operating with undervoltage; Supplied with a 1-phase electric motor suitable for mains voltage of 230 V at 50 Hz.